before blaming others, think: whats the 1 constant in all your failed relationships? its that cursed egyptian amulet why do u even have that

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10:38 pm  •  26 August 2013  •  449,352 notes

today at the grocery store instead of my dad signing his name on the check out screen he wrote “hate this store”

10:04 pm  •  17 October 2012  •  1 note

had to return a hairdryer. i have bed-head, no make up, haven’t even brushed my teeth yet this morning, wearing a gigantic sweatshirt and barn boots, and whO anSWERS the door but ted of course ok hi ted hi yes i am look quite shitty rn ty bye ted this is my suicide note 

12:02 pm  •  13 October 2012  •  1 note
  • me: showing tumblr to 14 yr old sister
  • sister: he is ugly that is why he has no followers
  • me: he has a ton, there are eleven on his blog right now
  • sister: o fancy, there are like ten billion people in the world
  • 6:16 pm  •  7 October 2012  •  2 notes

    chat features are for social networking sites

    this is a blogging site

    do u get it

    10:11 pm  •  3 October 2012  •  2 notes

    looking at strangers wedding albums online and eating chocolate ice cream topping this is a new low for me

    3:48 pm  •  2 October 2012

    its a late start school day

    i could go shower and have a long time to do my hair nice and pick out a good outfit

    or i could tumblr






    8:31 am  •  2 October 2012  •  1 note
    Anonymous: woozers sloozers boonky dinky


    7:58 pm  •  1 October 2012






    wait why was there a man pissing in your yard in the first place

    it’s the guy that fixes my mom’s computer. he is friends with my brother. i actually dont know where he is now??? im scared????????

    omg dude you will see his face in your window tonight. or maybe his dick too. 

    wat is wroing wit u



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    tbh if a nice personality, a nice body, a nice face, and wings were my 4 choices in life i would pick wings

    7:02 pm  •  29 September 2012  •  345 notes

    going to oktoberfest i can either put on 293048 layers and be warm and ugly or be cold and meet lots of hot guys that wont be there because its oktoberfest

    10:43 am  •  29 September 2012  •  2 notes
    brandondowery: Dude, you have one incredible blog!

    its because i follow dope ass blogs like yours!

    3:47 pm  •  13 September 2012

    message me :) it would be nice to talk with someone

    10:33 pm  •  28 August 2012

    probably shouldn’t be listening to this music because it makes me think of him but fuck that shit this is MY music haha

    2:01 pm  •  23 August 2012  •  1 note

    not having a phone is kind of nice because now ryan and ferris can never get a hold of me lol sorry not sorry bye

    2:25 pm  •  22 August 2012